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"We all live under the same sky, but we all don't have the same horizon. That being said, a person could only grow as much as their horizon allows them to, but it could always be expanded upon if they truly crave growth, health, and happiness."

To me, a personal horizon is defined as something much more powerful than the area you live in, which generation you were born into, or even the family or society you came from. It is an individual's perceived limit on the outlook of their life, and how far they are willing to push a dual combination of curiosity and discomfort to eventually cultivate ideas unique to solely themselves.

There were a lot of big, fancy words in that last paragraph. To break it down, I believe we are all born into bubbles. At first, it's small and it's molded by a set of conditions such as the family you're born into, the friends you make, the society you live in, the education you are enrolled into, and the ideas and values emphasized to you as good and bad while you're growing up. 

As we progress through life, we have the option to seek comfort within our bubble, accepting that "my life should be this way because everyone around me believes X, Y, and Z", which often leads to unperceived stagnation and a lack of fulfillment. The second option (and the ultimately healthier path) is to expand your bubble to the point where it pops, and you achieve a FREEDOM where you get to live life on your own terms, have whatever ideas you want, and pursue the experiences that would fulfill your happiness and life purpose based on your own sense of trust.

The first option is generally the path of least resistance, and the second path is generally the rougher, more uncomfortable, muted path of proceeding through life because it involves approaching all types of ideas and perspectives, even the ones you disagree with. The art of learning, thinking, and forming opinions COULD be seen as dangerous, but lack thereof and accepting one's set of circumstances IS 100% unequivocally dangerous.

Essentially, that is what Unmuted Generations is here for. This podcast is centered around bringing individuals from all walks of life and generations to discuss different experiences, unique views of the world, and even provide helpful tips. At the end of every episode, I'm hoping that the information will be able to resonate with a part of your life, encourage you to seek discomfort, and formulate your own ideas of this one-way road we call life.

You never know what would make you happy unless you try, and there's a level of importance to truly question everything instead of accepting a single definition of living to be true to your own. I definitely do not hold the answer to life, but I do hold the endless pursuit to learn from others to find it. As a result, this podcast will release episodes weekly with different guests, along with episodes every Friday as a wrap-up questioning concrete aspects of our current society as it's constructed.

Thank you for joining me along with this journey! If you've read through all this, please make sure to subscribe to the podcast if you haven't yet by using the link below, and stay tuned for future episodes!

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