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Jan. 13, 2021 Business Society & Culture

Johnny Nguyen - Productivity & Positivity From an Entrepreneur World …

Johnny Nguyen, founder of Venture Out, a newsletter that delivers game-changing positivity and productivity tips, is passionate a…

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Dec. 21, 2020 Business

Jenny Chang - Balancing Freedom With Structure

Jenny Chang is an established traveler and a commercial real estate specializing in buying, selling, and leasing warehouse, retai…

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Steven Wright - How to Succeed as a DJ in the Nightlife Industry

Steven Wright is a music producer and DJ based out of Orange County focused on blending the world of music and business together.…

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Dec. 2, 2020 Business

Jessica Aebi - Finding Your Fulfilling Career

Jessica Aebi is a certified career coach based in San Francisco, CA.  Her focus is on driven, conscientious business "doers" who …

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Nov. 18, 2020 Business

Jennifer Redondo-Marquez and Rose Buado (In Her Purpose) - Empowering…

Jennifer Redondo-Marquez is a versatile, detail oriented, and results-driven professional with a proven track record for achievin…

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Oct. 28, 2020 Business Education

Joseph Shin - Personal Projects, Positive Ego and Product Buds!

Joseph Shin is a senior at Emory University studying marketing and information systems. As an aspiring Product Manager, he is fas…

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Adam Miller - Creating Wine With a Positive Social Impact

Adam is the Co-Owner and Head of Brand Development for the AV Collection, a virtual winery that uplifts communities and champions…

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Sept. 28, 2020 Business

Jeremy Cortez - Being a Parent & Business Owner

A father of 2 boys, a serial entrepreneur, and the author of the Best Seller's book: Parenting a Business, Jeremy Cortez continue…

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Sept. 16, 2020 Business

Jermane Cheathem - Entrepreneurial Freedom & an Introspective Mindset

Jermane Cheathem went from a broken home to a 7-figure finance entrepreneur who travels the world and uses simplicity to get what…

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Sept. 14, 2020 Business

Thea Neal - Pursuing Innovation & The Future of Cruise Lines

Thea Neal is a Talent Marketing Manager for Royal Carribean, one of the world's largest cruise line operators committed to creati…

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Sept. 10, 2020 Business Education

Darrin Nguyen - Career Development & Telling Your Best Story

As someone passionate about career development, Darrin started Engineered Careers (EC) to help others tell their best story and s…

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Aug. 7, 2020 Business Education

Jonathan Javier - Words of Wisdom with Wonsulting’s Leader

Jonathan Javier is the current CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, whose mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He previously lead P…

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Aug. 4, 2020 Business Education

Sarvadnya Kulkarni - From Engineer to Dynamic Entrepreneur

Sarvadnya Kulkarni is an ambitious Columbia Management Science and Engineering student and a Project Manager for Teooh Inc., an i…

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July 27, 2020 Business Education

Sebastien Chiu - Building Global Communities for Future Generations

Sebastien is a recent graduate holding a BFA in Film Production from the University Colorado Denver. Through volunteer work in th…

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July 21, 2020 Business

Scott Herzog - The Importance of Internal Communications

Scott Herzog is a corporate communications professional with 7+ years of experience developing and supporting internal communicat…

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