March 3, 2021

Christine Luu: Controlling Anxiety Using Self-Care with a Millennial-Based Therapist

Christine is a therapist providing mental health services for anxious Millennials struggling with life transitions through online therapy. In her free time, she focuses on her side hustle and creative outlet, Tiny Namaste Pottery.

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Tiny Namaste Pottery:


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Chapter Markers/Timestamps:

  • 00:16 – Introduction: Christine Luu
  • 03:10 - Discussing early beginnings and deciding to pursue therapy
  • 10:15 - Specializing in working with Millenials
  • 14:10 - What problems do you generally see when working with patients in your practice? (Overworking and Grief)
  • 18:25 - Advice on dealing with anxiety
  • 25:55 - Differences working with millenials and de-stigmatizing mental health
  • 30:45 - Practicing mindfulness
  • 33:30 - Finding your creative outlet
  • 40:20 - How to stay (mentally) healthy amidst COVID-19

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