Sept. 10, 2020

Darrin Nguyen: Career Development & Telling Your Best Story with the CEO of Engineered Careers

As someone passionate about career development, Darrin started Engineered Careers (EC) to help others tell their best story and stand out against the competition. When he’s not seeking out the best food joints in town, you can catch him on LinkedIn posting content or networking with driven individuals!

Chapter Markers

  • 00:00 - Introduction - Darrin Nguyen
  • 02:18 - Start of Darrin's journey
  • 09:13 - Fraternities and support systems
  • 21:18 - Up's and Down's of an early fraternity
  • 25:29 - Start of EC and entrepreneurship
  • 32:00 - Is college necessary?
  • 41:00 - EC's podcast and services
  • 50:00 - Balancing EC with a "9-5"
  • 54:00 - What's next for EC?


*Intro/Outro Music (Causmic):

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