Nov. 18, 2020

Jennifer Redondo-Marquez and Rose Buado: Empowering Asian Women in Today's Society with In Her Purpose

Jennifer Redondo-Marquez is a versatile, detail oriented, and results-driven professional with a proven track record for achieving C-level alignment, operational excellence and executing strategic initiatives. Her career spans across industries, starting out in Accenture’s Management Consulting group to spending over the last decade working on Operations/Supply Chain and R&D/Hardware Engineering in Silicon Valley Tech. Jennifer’s unique experience and passion for solving complex business problems have made her an expert at bridging the gap between strategy and execution, turning ideas into action and results which include co-founding In Her Purpose.

Rose Buado is a start-up mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs. Currently, she's the Co-Founder and Co-Author of In Her Purpose & CEO of RVNB, an artist management agency, managing popular Fil-Am a cappella group, The Filharmonic. Having passion to serve and support the people around her, Rose has made it her mission to help other women build and grow their own business that empowers and excites them toward the personal and financial freedom they have always wanted.

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Chapter Markers
00:00 Introduction - In Her Purpose

00:01:50: Rose's journey

00:05:41: Jennifer's journey

00:09:02: Creating the book and picking the women and their journeys

00:12:30: Why is Asian women misrepresentation still a thing?

00:17:13: Where do you see the misrepresentation the most?

00:21:57: Speaking up as an Asian woman in today's society

00:28:30: Difficulties writing the book and early career aspirations

00:34:10: Future trajectory of this topic

00:37:50: Prevalence of social media and IHP Live

00:44:50: Lasting thoughts

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