Dec. 2, 2020

Jessica Aebi: Finding Your Fulfilling Career

Jessica Aebi is a certified career coach based in San Francisco, CA.  Her focus is on driven, conscientious business "doers" who tend to give so much to others they don't have the energy left to focus on their own career paths and ambitions. Jessica herself has had a zig-zagging career, which makes her adept at working with people across a variety of industries. Jessica is also a career consultant for Lee Hecht Harrison, the world's largest management consulting and outplacement firm.

Chapter Markers:

00:00 - Introduction

02:12 - Job Misalignment

15:04 - Personality Tests

17:30 - Establishing Trust/Active Listening

23:23 - Resume Discussion

19:57 - Job Search Misconception

36:42 - Working with Recruiters

40:18 - Making Money, Seasonal Jobs, and Being an Entrepreneur

47:52: Lasting Thoughts

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