Aug. 7, 2020

Jonathan Javier: Words of Wisdom with Wonsulting’s Founder/CEO

Jonathan Javier is the current CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, whose mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He previously lead Professional Development for Cisco’s Early Career Network. He's also worked in Strategy and Operations team at Snapchat and Google. He's amassed 42,000+ followers on LinkedIn as well as 15+ million impressions yearly on his content.

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Wonsulting's LinkedIn:



Chapter Markers

  • 00:00 - Introduction - Jonathan Javier
  • 02:17 - Where did your drive for good come from?
  • 07:08 - Wonsulting's beginnings
  • 16:40 - Balancing Wonsulting's growth and behind-the-scenes
  • 26:18 - The cons of our education system
  • 35:00 - Avoiding burnout and prioritizing your personal life
  • 45:49 - Positive impact and embracing noise
  • 54:47 - Lasting Thoughts

*Intro/Outro Music (Causmic):

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