Aug. 24, 2020

Sabrina Runbeck: Avoiding Medical Burnout from a Cardiothoracic Surgeon PA

Sabrina Runbeck is a Cardiothoracic Surgery PA, a Public Health Practitioner, and a Peak Performance Coach/Speaker empowering ambitious young professionals, especially those who are like her working in healthcare, to become confident leaders who are living fulfilled and purposefully so they can be BOTH – powerhouses in their career and passionate people in life again without feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or undervalued.

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Chapter Markers

  • 00:00 - Introduction - Sabrina Runbeck
  • 01:04 - Harmony > Balance
  • 09:02 - Sabrina's start with peak performance coaching
  • 15:16 - Cardiothoracic surgery and COVID-19
  • 28:44 - Goal-setting and endless work
  • 38:24 - Competitiveness in Asian culture
  • 45:37 - Toastmasters and community
  • 51:12 - Lasting thoughts

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