March 10, 2021

Song Atthajaroon: The Basics of Spirituality & Energy with an Intuitive Coach/Spiritual Medium

Song Atthajaroon is an intuitive life coach who guides clients on their spiritual journeys to discover their authentic selves by tapping into their own intuitive abilities and manifesting the life they've always dreamed of.  She's also an energy healer and spiritual medium, using these intuitive gifts to provide a sense of peace and calm to those looking for healing or an intuitive reading.

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Chapter Markers/Timestamps:

  • 00:16 – Introduction: Song Atthajaroon
  • 02:55 - Discussing your role as an intuitive life coach, spirit medium, and energy healer
  • 05:25 - How did you discover your intuitive abilities?
  • 12:15 - How intuitive abilities can be unlocked and different types
  • 17:45 - Defining what spirits are and why they exist/remain on Earth
  • 23:40 - Comparing religion to spirituality
  • 30:00 - Discussing how our vehicle is a body, looking at death as a transitory point, and multiple lives
  • 34:15 - Following a traditional career path as a web developer before following your passion
  • 38:15 - Facing different energies and why mediumship is harder than it looks
  • 45:00 - Song's methodology working with clients and vibrations.
  • 52:00 - How does someone start their spiritual journey

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